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The Devil went down to Georgia(‘s Stonehenge)and now Sarah’s here to tell us about it! But first we have an update in the Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell case! Good news, it looks like they might finally be held accountable (fingers crossed). Either way, we’ll continue to update as the process moves forward. Now back on to Georgia’s Stonehenge – who built it, why, and what on earth do those inscriptions read? Find out as Sarah tells us all about this weird world fixture.
Speaking of Sarah: it’s her birthday!!! In honor of her big 3-0 Stephanie is telling Sarah her entire Natal Chart. Nothing like being read to filth by the stars to start out a new decade. If you want to figure out your own Natal Chart (it’s surprisingly easy!) check out the book Stephanie uses “You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance” by Chani Nicholas.