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We’ve got banter, we’ve got storiez, and WE’RE STILL IN THE STUDIO!! It feels amazing and surreal all at once – we’re just so happy to be back and making this 2-star content ya’ll love.
Sarah starts us off with 2 weird world stories. The first is about a friend duo and their drunken shenanigans that end with a new friend named “Dirk”. And second can be summed up by the headline that made it infamous: it’s the story of “A Headless Body in a Topless Bar”.
Stephanie rounds out the episode by diving deeper into the history behind her topic last week: “No Sleep”. A subreddit and ultimately a writing genre has evolved from being a space to throw out new ideas to an even bigger platform where individual artists writing can get discovered (or..people can tell the REAL storiez…..). Either way – we’re not getting any sleep tonight.