E148 It’s Not Far ENOUGH

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Can you believe we made it almost 3 months before having a guest episode??….well almost 3 months, because we gotta guest this week – scratch that- we have TWO guests this week!1 Double the pleasure, double the fun, here’s some guests, we got two of ’em!

We’re so excited to welcome Esther and Vinay to the show for the next two weeks. So buckle up because this week Esther has the floor and she’s got 2 talez for us.
First is the true crime murder of Tiffany Sabourin; a teen who was lured to her death on the campus of Lindenwood University.
Speaking of LIndenwood University, Esther’s second story is about the school and ALL the GHOSTS that like to roam there.
Tune in next week to hear the spooky talez Vinay is going to bring us!!

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