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It’s been a week since ya’ll heard us last – but for us it’s only been 24 hours. And what a 24 hours it’s been!
Like most places in the U.S.A right now, we’re covered in snow/ice/just plain cold weather. So, Sarah was inspired by the icy tundra that is currently Philadelphia to tell the story of the Schoolhouse Blizzard of 1888. Also known as the Children’s Blizzard of 1888; the entire midwest US was taken by surprise when an beautiful sunny day in January turned into a raging nightmare within a matter of hours. *WARNING: Child Death*
Thankfully Stephanie’s story is less icy cold, and she tells the tale of Carlina White. A woman who found out her past isn’t quite what she thought it was. *WARNING: NO Child Death*
To all of our listenerz down in southern USA (lookin at you Texas) we hope that ya’ll are doing well, and staying warm. If you need anything please reach out to us – @deadtimestoriez or deadtimestoriez@gmail.com