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Can you believe we’re already at 140 episodes?!? Man time flies when you’re in a pandemic. But that’s scary enough – let’s get to this weeks storiez.
Sarah starts us off with another ghost story!! (You might have noticed a theme here – and it’s: Sarah’s going to do ghost storiez until she gets bored with them and needs something different) This week it’s all about the Hotel Metlen in Dillon, Montana. A hotel that’s had someone die in almost every room is basically required to have some ghosts. And the Hotel Metlen does NOT disappoint.
Stephanie wraps things up with the incredibly unsettling, and sad, story of The Hicks Babies. Who was Dr. Hicks and why was he selling babies out of the back door of his clinic? We may never know his exact motives, but some of the victims can find answers. This story is fascinating and disturbing all at the same time. You’re Welcome?