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Don’t let the bedbugs bite, Weirdos!

Welcome to the long awaited DREAMS episode!! What the hell are dreams anyway?  Where do they come from?  What is happening to our bodies while we are dreaming?  Why do we dream at all?!

We attempt to answer these questions and more as Ashley and Lauren sit down with the host of GOTH YEARBOOK Eric Wynn!

Ashley starts us off with the science and history of dreams and we try and get to the bottom of why we go to strange places with strange people every night.

Eric takes us through his journey with LUCID DREAMING and we discuss how to gain control while inside your dream and what benefits it could have for your waking life!

And Lauren finishes it off by teaching us a bit about NIGHT TERRORS- how they are different from average run of the mill nightmares, where they come from and why they happen.

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