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Digby’s Ghost at Prairie Sky Books – Episode 177

This week is our last installment of our wonderful time spent at Prairie Sky Books!
Again, a HUGE THANK YOU TO Owner Aynsley & her right hand Cass for making us feel so warm and welcome and letting us invade their cozy cool store. It truly is an amazing space and there is so much books and trinkets and everything else that you didn’t think you needed in your life. …..you can find it at Prairie Sky Books. It is truly one of Winnipeg’s Best kept secrets

Today’s episode is 3 years in the making as we were scheduled to do this back in April 2020 then the whole world literally shut down, and our appearance was put on hold.
But here we are today!

Enjoy Part 3 of our visit wherewe are joined by our ‘Ghost (co) Host’ – Famous Winnipeg TikToke Susan Ainley!!! we engage the ‘Magnetic Sphere of Fotune and make contact with ‘Digby’ the resident ghost who seems to be there to observe his former Pharmacy (did we mentioned he was murdered on site?) However, he DID NOT like us there for some reason? Might have to have Ashley and Kelly from The Winnipeg Paranormal Group come out and find out why??

We met Dot who stopped by to tell us that her family geneaology indicated that her Grandmother was Digby’s first cousin – a reunion of sorts <3 Did we also meniton that the store has a 'Ghost Cat'….super cool story, btw.

Stay tuned…..lots of Creepy Cool Winnipeg Paranormal stuff to come…..

Enjoy this week's new episode!

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Music by Ruesche-Sounds https://www.youtube.com/channel/USqXO

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