Dear Sisters on the Development Journey

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This is an episode dedicated to the coming graduates of The Initiation – a Six Week Mediumship Foundations Experience,  and all women who are on a development journey to better understand their gifts and abilities.

Co-written by myself, and the members of The Initiation Circle, my monthly development mentorship group 

So many of us feel lonely on this path, we believe our fears, our experiences are not safe to express in our world, yet we are all connected, and feeling so much from one another.

I hope this short Episode inspires you to reach out, to connect with one another, to feel confident on your development journey, find a group of women who lift each other up and inspire you, make you want to be the best version of your amazing self! 

Thank you to the Sisters of The Initiation Circle who contributed to this episode: 

Danielle (The Other Danielle), Ashley, Jessica, Emily, Sarah and Michelle! you ladies know how to show up for one another and inspire me! I’m incredibly grateful to be your mentor!