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On episode 15 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan is joined by David Jenkins. Jenkins is the creator and executive producer of the hit television series, PEOPLE OF EARTH, on TBS Network. The show is a gentle and modestly pleasing comedy about a support group for alien abductees, but as we learn in this interview, it’s about much more. Jenkins explains the inception of the show, his thorough research into the UFO and abduction phenomenon, and where the show is heading with its second season premiering tonight!

Jenkins doesn’t do podcast interviews often, let alone a UFO one, so it was a huge honor to have him on the show. It’s also very clear that although the show may be considered a comedy, the heart and compassion brought forward by the creative team behind PEOPLE OF EARTH is palpable, and no matter your beliefs on the alien abduction phenomenon, this is a show worth watching, and a topic worth discussing as we continue to reach further and further out into the cosmos. 

Guest Bio: David Jenkins received undergraduate degrees in political science and philosophy from Boston University, and an MFA in acting from New York University. While working as an actor in both New York and Chicago, he began writing plays, eventually founding a theater company called “Human Animals”. PEOPLE OF EARTH is his first television project.

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