Dashboard Chats – The Haunting of King’s Tavern and Mississippi’s First People

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The Talegaters park the truck for a night at The King’s Tavern, the oldest and most haunted structure in Mississippi. From baby killers to a vengeful wife who took a page straight out of Edgar Allan Poe's The Cask of Amontillado, this old haunt serves up scares along with its famous braised brisket flatbread. We also discuss some of Mississippi’s First People and the ancient pyramids they left behind!

The Plaquemine people were some of the first inhabitants of the Mississippi territories. They were great builders and would create mounds atop defunct structures, to build new structures on top of the old. While not proper pyramids, there are several mounds of structures on structures to this day. Living on the land as far back as 700 CE are is the Natchez tribe who are distant relations of the Muskogean Creeks. They still live on, though predominantly in Oklahoma due to displacement by Jackass Jackson's Trail of Tears. They had a class system and weren’t afraid to marry outside of their own. Unique still is that it were the female bloodlines which mattered in the family, not the male. 

Speaking of structures and Natchez, this area is home to King's Tavern, the oldest standing structure in Mississippi dating back to before 1789 when Natchez still roamed the land.

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