Dashboard Chats – Alabama’s First People, the Spirits of Maple Hill, & the Cursed Serpents of Tennessee River

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And you thought we were through with Maple Hill Cemetery? Today the Talegaters swap strange stories about the Cursed Sea Serpents of Tennessee River, haunted tombstones, and Alabama's First People from which this very state and several towns are named.

There is a serpent swimming beneath the Tennessee River unlike any other. This serpent is said to place a death curse on any unwitting bystander who happens upon it. Also breaking tropes is a ghost said to speak to you through your dreams about simultaneous events occurring elsewhere.

The Talegaters also talk about the native tribes who once flourished throughout the region, only one of which is federally recognized by the state today. The last of Alabama Indians standing on ancestral ground is the Poarch, a band of the Creek Nation. You can learn more about and support them by visiting their museum and gift shop in person or online.

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