Dan Winter | Golden Phi Ratio, John Dee to The Philadelphia Experiment? Templar Rose and Alchemical Cathedrals

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Dan Winter a Multifaceted expert on all things Fractality, Crystallography, Metallurgy, Mythology, Semiotics, Science, Science Fiction and so much more joins me to discuss Fractality and Phi Ratio. Dan is one of the minds behind Gaia, and his work can be found at the following websites, Fractalfield.com, Goldenmean.info, Therapi.net, and FractalU.com. We discussed a wide range of topics in this conversation from the physics of implosion and fractality to the Templars and John Dee who may be connected in practice to The Philadelphia Experiment! Rose forms of energy, dragon lines, ley lines and even Orion Star-Gates. Our Interview on Dan’s Youtube https://youtu.be/Sdy7fR-JZDo

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