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Justin Decker is fast gaining momentum and recognition in the cryptid community as his extensive study and vast knowledge of mysterious creatures are both captivating and intriguing fellow researchers throughout the nation. Decker, who now resides in the epicenter of The Great Smoky Mountains in Cosby, Tennessee is known for his astute insight into the fascinating field of cryptozoology, and his colleagues say he has profound, thought-provoking theories and ideas that facilitate riveting cryptid discussions on media platforms such as podcasts. Decker is becoming a highly sought-after guest on such podcasts as the popular Paranormal Roundtable podcast and The Skookum Sessions. Decker may be new to the crypto community, but his research into the unknown, particularly with cryptids, has been a life-long passion and endeavor. Decker was born and raised in the Amazon Jungle in Colombia, South America, instilling within him a close connection to the land and a keen observatory nature. He is a survivalist enthusiast and an avid reader, having read over 1,000 Bigfoot reports. Colleagues say it is Decker’s talented and articulate storytelling that makes him a podcast favorite. He is a gifted speaker who is becoming booked at conferences and lectures throughout Eastern United States. On one of his podcasts with Paranormal Roundtable, one YouTube listener commented that she was “hanging on to every word!” Decker’s stories from the wild terrain of the Amazon Jungle certainly enthralls, but it is also his intelligence in the field of cryptozoology and firm grasp of the subject that compel people to listen to him. In his research, Decker looks for common threads in cryptid behavior such as patterns and details. Justin loves to hike and cook and hopes to expand Bigfoot research and documentation in The Smoky Mountain region. He is also interested in other unknown subject matter and describes himself as a “curious seeker of anything odd or peculiar.” His life’s motto is Vivamus Ferox, which is Latin for “Live Fierce.”