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(Explicit) A podcast that explores the strange stories of small towns across the globe. They may be paranormal, true crime, or just plain weird. Every town has a secret what is yours?

Coyame, MEX/ Aztec, NM

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Coyome is a small, sparsely populated town (pop. 709).It acts as mostly a hub for many of the nearby ranchers in the area.Coyame is beyond a “sleepy” little town.However, in the late summer of 1974 is may have been host to one of the strangest UFO crashes of all time.It’s become know over the years as “Mexico’s Roswell”.

Wikipedia article about Coyame (the Deneb Report)

The Coyame Incident: UFO Crash Near Presidio, Texas, by Noe Torres & Ruben Uriarte.Roswell Books ( © 2014) Item on Amazon (B00FQIZPA6)

Aztec New Mexico has an estimated population of 6.369 and is the county seat of San Juan County in northwestern New Mexico.Many stop by on their way to the Aztec Ruins National Monument.But is it possible that in 1948 just a year after Roswell another craft crashed just outside of Aztec.The answer is maybe…

Wikipedia article about Aztec, New Mexico

Wikipedia article about Frank Scully

Wikipedia article about Aztec, New Mexico UFO hoax

Behind the Flying Saucers by Frank Scully, Henry Holt and Company ( © 1950)

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