Coronavirus Conspiracies 4: David Icke, 5G, COVID is fake, Biolab Origins & Exosomes!

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*We take yet another dive into Coronavirus conspiracy theories! We’ll cover Coronavirus updates, David Icke’s BANNED interview about COVID, connections to 5G conspiracies, COVID is fake, it could’ve came from a Biolab in Wuhan, and Dr Andrew Kaufman asserts COVID is really just exosomes!
*Here are some links referenced in the show:
5G deemed safe-(good timing):
5G opened up in Wuhan right before COVID:
David Icke London Real video banned from YouTube:
A study I found that suggests they have in fact isolated COVID, contrary to what Dr Kaufman and David Icke are saying (*HOWEVER I attempted contact w/ Dr Kaufman on FB to see if he had a response to this and a different person said it does NOT mean it’s isolated- I’m not educated enough to research this further):
Adrenochrome listing on PubChem by “3B Scientific Wuhan Corp” from Wuhan China
Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s presentation on COVID being fake:
Q “Witch Hunt” video I discuss:
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