Close Calls: Stories about brushes with the paranormal, danger, and death

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Have you ever had a dangerous close call? This week, I’ll be sharing true stories of real people who had brushes with the other side, and lived to tell about it.
First, I tell the tale of a kid who kept getting mysteriously lured out of bed. Then, I share the story of a woman’s close encounter with an unknown winged creature. Next, I recount the time a kid was surrounded by a Tik Tik. Then, I narrate the account of a young person who was saved by their dog. And finally, I read the experience of a young girl and her dad who got into a horrible jeepney accident. 

Ch 1: Almost taken, submitted by Anonymous
Ch 2: The wing, submitted by Kimberly
Ch 3: The Tik tik, submitted by Cyrille
Ch 4: Good girl, submitted by LJ
Ch 5: We should have died, submitted by Mina