Clarence Thomas and Bohemian Grove w/ Chris Rivoli

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We sit down with our friend Chris Rivoli to discuss Clarence Thomas, his unethical dealings, and his ties to Bohemian Grove. What is Bohemian Grove and why should we care?

“Bohemian Grove is a remote 2,700-acre camp nestled among the redwoods in Monte Rio, a small Sonoma County town along the Russian River. The site plays home to a controversial two-weeklong yearly gathering of political leaders — sometimes including presidents — and captains of industry. It’s held in July. The list of attendees and what goes on inside the heavily guarded encampment is kept secret, though stories of attendees, their antics and traditions have leaked out over the years.”

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The Bohemian Grove conspiracy theory revolves around the annual gathering of a men-only club called the Bohemian Club in a secluded forest in California. According to the theory, this secret society consists of wealthy and powerful men from various fields, including politics, business, and entertainment, who allegedly engage in occult rituals and make important decisions that affect the world’s population.

The conspiracy theory suggests that the club’s members are part of a global elite that seeks to create a New World Order, and that the gatherings at the Bohemian Grove serve as a meeting place to discuss and plan their agendas. The theory also claims that these gatherings involve human sacrifice, secret societies, and worship of a giant owl statue called Moloch.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence to support these claims, the Bohemian Grove conspiracy theory has gained significant traction among some segments of society, particularly among those who are skeptical of government and the mainstream media. Many people view the Bohemian Grove as a symbol of the power and influence of the elite, and as evidence of a hidden agenda that seeks to control the world’s population.

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