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Chowcilla California lays in Madera County with a population of 18,270.It’s name is derived from Native American tribe known as the Chaushila, a Yokut tribe.It is said that the name translates to “murderers” which is a reference to the warlike nature of the tribe. Other then it’s intereting name there is not much to be said about the little town, but in 1976 something did happen that would put Chowcilla on the map.

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Skidmore is indeed a small town, with only a population of 284.The local St. Oswald’s Protestant Epicopal Church is on is on the National Register of Historic Places.The town held a yearly “Punkin’ Show” up until 2004.It’s not the Punkin’ Show or the historical church people whisper about when they talk about Skidmore, it’s the shooting of former town bully Kennith Rex Mcelory.As you well see this story is the epitome of a small town secret.

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YouTube video (tZktTdGHaJY). Buzzfeed Unsolved The Strange Killing of Ken Rex McElory”


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