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When it comes to the great debate surrounding claims of extra-terrestrial beings existing in the vast arena of space – or indeed closer to home (here on Earth) – the race to identify, communicate and disclose the secret that has plagued humanity for millennia takes centre stage. Global superpowers such as The United States, Russia and The United Kingdom focus their attention on satellite navigation, radar technology and the exploration of the nearby cosmos in the hope that something, somewhere is found. China; one of the world’s leading imperiums, is conducting its own investigations and laying claim to the existence of alien beings across the astronomical plane. In recent times, with the rise of the internet, social media and handheld technologies, anyone can present so-called ‘evidence’ of UFO’s, aliens or any number of mysterious events and creatures with just a few clicks and a dash of Photoshop. Luckily, the infrastructure generated by institutes such as NASA, gives us a clear image of what is happening ‘out there’ in Space.

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