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CHASING PROPHECY RADIO SHOW: MARCH 26, 2024 All Mystery and … See more All Mystery and Sasquatch Enthusiasts! Join us on Chasing Prophecy Radio on March 26, 2024, for an extraordinary episode featuring the legendary Brian King-Sharp, a titan among podcasters and a venerable authority in the realm of Sasquatch research. Who is Brian King-Sharp?  Host of multiple hit podcasts such as Sasquatch Odyssey, True Crime Odyssey, That Bigfoot Podcast, and Backwoods Horror Stories. Globally ranked in the top 1-3% of content creators worldwide. With a robust background in law enforcement spanning over 16 years, Brian brings a fresh and unique perspective to the enigmatic world of Sasquatch. Author of the groundbreaking book, “Sasquatch Unleashed: The Truth Behind The Legend”. Grab your copy here. A sought-after speaker at Sasquatch conferences globally, recognized for his in-depth knowledge and captivating storytelling. Featured on Vice and Tubi network shows, where he shared his insight and discoveries. An avid field researcher, with firsthand experiences and discoveries in North Carolina and beyond, including a recent expedition to Radium BC, Canada with Todd Standing.Why Tune In? Dive deep into the mysteries of Sasquatch with Brian’s unparalleled insights and tales from the field. From chilling encounters to the latest findings, this episode promises to be a riveting journey into the unknown.  Mark your calendar! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear from one of the leading voices in Sasquatch research and storytelling. Link to the Show: Chasing Prophecy RadioLet’s embark on this enthralling adventure together! Make sure to tune in, share this post, and spread the word. The truth behind the legend awaits. #ChasingProphecyRadio #SasquatchOdyssey #BrianKingSharp #Mystery #Sasquatch #Bigfoot #TrueCrimeOdyssey #Podcasts #SasquatchUnleashed