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Get ready for a mind-bending episode of Chasing Prophecy Radio as we welcome UFO and Paranormal Investigator Margie Kay, the esteemed Director of the OZ Institute and a renowned Remote Viewing Trainer.

🔎 This Week’s Focus: The Miami 8ft Giant Incident – A Real Mystery Unfolds and More!

In a bizarre occurrence at a Miami mall, what seemed like a simple disturbance call turned into an event that has captured the nation’s imagination. Official reports cite teenagers fighting with sticks, but eyewitnesses tell a different, more astonishing story.

👽 Eyewitnesses report not mere teenagers, but 8-10ft tall beings! This extraordinary claim has set social media ablaze, with images and stories circulating about these mysterious giants.

💬 Controversy & Conspiracy: The stark contrast between official narratives and public eyewitness accounts has sparked a wave of conspiracy theories and intense debates. Are these beings extra-terrestrial? A secret experiment? Or something else entirely?

🎙️ Join Margie Kay as we delve into this enigma, exploring every angle and uncovering the truths hidden behind the headlines.

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