Charlie’s Ghostly Encounters – Feb 10, 2024

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Seriah is joined by experiencer C.L. Steip. Topics include the Georgian Bay area of Ontario Canada, Lake Heron, a bizarre childhood nighttime visitor, a childhood encounter with an apparent Black-Eyed Kid, early adulthood haunting experiences, paranormal encounters vs IRL human dangers, a possible Wendigo incident in the Algonquin national park, the Oz effect, Seriah’s unpleasant hike in a marsh, paranormal investigations and vivid nightmares, a poke while sleeping, UFO sightings, shadow people and terrifying dreams and night terrors in a specific house, a strange experience involving the family cat, an entity in the bed, an apartment no one can seem to stay in long-term, the question of whether negative energy is created or drawn to certain locations, a disturbing experience while hiking with a child and a green “monster”, recurring nightmares of being possessed, a heavily-industrialized city, whistling phenomenon, geographic areas that seem to send out negative psychic “vibes”, smiley face drawings and time dilation while on a trail, experiences while meditating, kundalini energy, OBEs, the 2012 film “Safety Not Guaranteed”, a triangular UFO craft coming out of the water of Georgian Bay in Lake Heron, advanced military projects, Serah’s youthful experience with military exercises, a story of a shape-shifting UFO, a CE-5 meditation encounter, the complexities of the Phenomena, the “Hellier” series, co-creation, ghost hunting TV, EVPs and their causes, spirit boxes, the Estes method, visualization as a non-universal ability, lucid dreaming, false awakening from dreams, gender identity and liminality, and much more! This is fascinating first-hand witness reporting and discussion!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Das Brute with Call of Thunder live on The Last Exit for the Lost