Celestial Oddities: PairOfNormal Guys

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Celestial Oddities: PairOfNormal Guys Podcast is a show where we talk in depth about subject matter such as ghosts, haunting's, demons, cryptids, aliens, ufos and so much more. We also take phone calls from listeners to tell us their encounters and experiences.

Celestial Oddities- PONG: Talks about The Black Eyed Children

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Celestial Oddities: PairOfNormal Guys podcast is your one stop shop for all things supernatural and paranormal. From in depth discussions on specific topics, to phone calls from our listeners around the world sharing with us their encounters. From interviews with powerful names in the field, to talks on the power of occult and ceremonial magick. Look no further. What you seek is here.

Tonights episode is going to be on “The Black Eyed Children”. How much do you know about the phenomenon? Have you ever encountered one? What would you do if you did? Remember…. If they knock, asking to come in. DONT LET THEM!!!!

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