#372: Paul Scheuring 3 — The Power of Storytelling, Creativity, and His Novel “The Far Shore”

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“We are meant to seek, engage, be filled up with wisdom from sources far more attuned to the truth than ourselves” – Paul Scheuring, The Far Shore

Paul Scheuring is an author, a filmmaker, a show runner, and a screenwriter.

More importantly, Paul is my friend, a mentor, a smart-guy-I-talk-to-in-order-to-make-sense-of-the-world, a fellow adventurer, a dude who likes to surf, a father, and someone who encourages folks to chase their dreams!

In this episode we dive into a deep discussion about creativity and the process of how one expresses themselves. We base this chat around his novel “The Far Shore”, a deeply meaningful novel Paul wrote a few years back.

I’ve always been a fan of Paul as a person but now that I’ve read a couple things he has written I’m a HUGE fan of Paul as a writer!! I HIGHLY recommend this book!!

“Some fundamental thing drives us, and we cannot catch a direct glimpse of it. But it must be an unease, for if it was anything otherwise, a calmness, a contentment, we would not search so furiously as a species for an answer to it.”


Check out the Far Shore: https://www.amazon.com/Far-Shore-Paul-T-Scheuring/dp/0998450200