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On the evening on November 5th, 1975 Mike Rogers was making the return trip with his logging crew from their work site within the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Rogers stopped the truck when they spotted a luminous object moving through the treetops that did not appear to be of Earthly origins. As the floating object moved toward the truck, one of the crew decided to try and get a closer look. Travis Walton left the vehicle and as he approached the craft he was struck by a blue light that hurled him to the ground with seemingly lethal force. Afraid for his life and the lives of those of the crew still in the truck, Rogers slammed the vehicle into drive and fled from site, thinking he had just been witness to his friend’s death. After an exhaustive search by police and volunteers of the area where they had encountered the UFO, no trace of Walton was found. 5 days later Walton’s Brother-in-law received a phone call, Travis had resurfaced in a town 30 miles from where he had last been seen and believed only a few hours had passed. This case file the theorists keep their eyes on the fire in the skies in…The Travis Walton UFO Encounter.   


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