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Almost every human culture from around the world has stories of cities that are hidden beneath the ground. From the mythic city of Agartha said to lay at the center of the Earth or the shining city of Shambala that is rumored to be buried in the heart of the Himalayas. For most of history, these cities were though only to exist in myth and folklore. As archaeology has evolved with better techniques to peer into the depths of the planet many lost cities have recently been rediscovered, many of them laying deep within massive caves and cavern networks.Most of these magnificent cavern cities have their place in the historical record and seem to have been crafted with incredible intricacy and mapped and planned out as well as any surface dwelling and yet, there are others that defy explanation and hold no place in the histories of their region. Why were these amazing underground dwellings built? What were the inhabitants hiding from? Do the histories of some of these site go further back than originally thought? This case file the Theorists bring the theories straight from the underground in…Underground cities 
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3 Ancient Underground Cities You’ve Probably Never Heard Of




Sources To Consider

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