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Jon The Theorists as they wade through the BS and be inspired by the possibilities. An open-minded comedy podcast discussing: Space exploration, the UFO and ET phenomenon, cold case mysteries, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology and anything else in the world of the weird. Think a mix of Joe Rogan/Last Podcast on the Left/Trailer Park Boys

Case File 48- Flight 370

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On March 8th, 2014 Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 En route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport was lost to air traffic controllers 1 hour after take off and was never seen again. Military radar had sporadic hits of its location which showed it dipping altitude do avoid radar and making erratic manoeuvres in the sky. The last known location was west of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, hundreds of Kilometres off course. The plane was never located expect for a possible few bits of scrap, and no survivors were ever found. What led to this mysterious disappearance of a fully loaded commercial airliner? The theories are endless. From pilot suicide, to aliens and everything in between, the theorists discuss the most probable causes of such an incident.

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