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Tuberculosis, also known as the Great White Plague, had killed one in seven people that had ever lived by the early 19th century. A disease that was once thought to be genetic, it became a scourge that would rise to a peak in places like Europe where it would account for 25% of all deaths. Before modern medicine produced a vaccine, there were very few options for those who would display symptoms of the wasting disease. The most humane treatment was to sequester a patient to one of the many sanitoriums that had been built in the early 20th century. Among these was a facility opened in Louisville, Kentucky to accommodate victims of the sudden outbreak of tuberculosis in the Jefferson County area. The building, originally built to house 50-60 patients, was eventually renovated and expanded to be able to handle up to 400 patients. Patients who suffered from the ravages of the disease and sometimes were subjected to barbaric experimental treatments. The sanitorium, long since abandoned, now is known as “one of the most haunted places in the world.” This case file, join the Theorists as they assess the apparition coalition that seems beyond superstition but isn’t above suspicion in…The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

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