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In late 2001, Keith Rylance was woken from a dead sleep by the incoherent and frantic sounds of his business partner Petra Heller. Keith entered into his caravan’s loungeroom to find objects normally on the center table scattered about the couch where he had last seen his wife, Amy, watching TV before he went to bed that night. After calming Petra down to a state in which she could put her thoughts together she would go on to tell him of the incredible sight she had just witnessed. A bright light piercing through the caravan window and enveloping her friend and Keith’s wife Amy and moving her through the air. This event would leave the local police and the UFO investigators who responded to Keith’s request for help scratching their heads to this very day. This case file, join the Theorists as they plunder another UFO story from down under in…The Amy Rylance/Gundiah Mackay Incident.

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