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Mnemosyne, Greek goddess of memory and recall. Titan and mother of the nine Muses. She was usually invoked by ancient poets and historians to aid in their recall of written passages and past events. In legends, it was said she was given domain over a pool within the realm of Hades where those who drank of its waters were to forget their past lives in order to be reincarnated. Recently, there have arisen a number of seeming inconsistencies within the popular recollections of a generation which may suggest some people have taken a sip of that memory girl bathwater. Is there some type of multidimensional disturbance that has split the timelines and given rise to memories that stem from other realities? What happened to Jiffy peanut butter? Where did King Henry VIII’s turkey leg disappear to? This case file, join the Theorists as they poke holes in your collective memory with…The Mandela Effect

Song of the week-Lucky Monkey-You Let Me Down

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