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In the late 1980’s most airlines were without formal UFO reporting systems. The bulk of UFO reports made by commercial pilots were handled by private organizations such as the Mutual UFO Network. Without a formal protocol for reporting UFOs only a handful of pilots have made it onto official reports about strange phenomena they’ve witnessed during their flights. Not to mention, often pilots feel pressured to keep their experiences secret as discussion about some of these strange events can be detrimental to their careers. On the evening of November 17, 1986 a Japanese Airlines flight traveling through the skies of Alaska would be witness to one of the most terrifying events of the crew’s careers. A 30-minute encounter that was backed up radar that remains, to this day, as one of the most intriguing and detailed UFO cases reported by a crew of a commercial airline. This case file, join the Theorists as they put their seats and tray tables in their upright positions and talk about the tale of…The Japanese Airlines 1628 UFO incident

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