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Much of Alexander the Great’s success has been attributed to his desire for not only conquest but also for the pursuit of knowledge. This attitude was adopted by many of his generals and contemporaries where it became a sign of nobility to have large and extensive libraries. In the city that bears his name, Alexandria, Alexander’s companion Ptolemy I became king of Egypt after Alexander’s death and decided to continue his former friend and king’s legacy of learning. At the time, Alexandria was the largest city in the western world and it was the ideal place for a grand library to be built. Not only a library, but an institute where scholars from all over the Hellenistic world would be invited to study and lecture on areas like astronomy, mathematics, history, and medicine. Thousands of translations of ancient Egyptian texts and early Greek histories would come to be housed within its walls. The exact location of this grand library is now a mystery, rumors of its destruction and the vast volumes of knowledge lost have haunted historians and archaeologists to this very day. This case file, join the Theorists as they search for the knowledge of all the lost liquors within the halls of…The Library of Alexandria

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