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In cultures across Asia, there are tales of semi-divine beings who are depicted as having both human and serpent-like characteristics. These beings, known as the Naga, were often described as powerful, wise, adept in the way of sorcery, and also sometimes possessing enormous riches in their underground lairs. One ability that was often observed was the power to transform their appearance to look completely human. In Southeast Asian cultures they are depicted as large snakes sometimes having multiple heads and worshipped as deities that control the waters of rivers and also bring rain. In the past few centuries, power and wealth have seemed to become more and more centralized and come under the control of a few groups and individuals. Rumors of these persons and financial institutions belonging to, or being controlled by, an ancient race of scaly overlords from beyond the stars have taken root in the collective consciousness of western culture. To the point where perhaps as many as 4% of the U.S. population believe political leaders are controlled by these otherworldly reptoids. This case file, join the Theorists as they learn about lizard love and gila monster gangbangs with…The Reptilians

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