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In Aztec culture, the heart was believed to be a fragment of the sun’s heat. A small fraction of their Sun God’s power that waged a constant battle against the forces of chaos and darkness. It was considered an honor for one to have their heart sacrificed to aid the sun god in their celestial war. In cultures around the world the heart is often recognized for both its physical and spiritual importance. Seen as a vessel for the human soul or the seat of the individual self the heart plays an important role in legend and folklore. Being such a powerful symbol of love and life it’s not hard to see why creatures that have a hunger for the human heart are often the most feared. Beasts and spirits that not only find the human heart a particularly tasty morsel, but could also twist and turn their victims and drain them of their very souls. This case file, join the Theorists as chill out with some frosty weens and icy vagines in…Valentine’s Day Creepy Creatures

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