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In the early hours of Jan 12, 1975, in Braddock Park in North Bergen, New Jersey local store owner George O’Barski was in his car when the radio suddenly filled with static. Around the same time, a doorman from the nearby Stonehenge Apartments reported seeing strange floating lights. O’Barski would later go on to describe the fantastic encounter he had that night in an interview with known UFO investigator Bud Hopkins. O’Barski recounted how he had seen an object seemingly 30 feet long and floating only 6 feet above the ground. The object landed and humanoid figures emerged from the craft and seemed to collect samples of soil from the ground of the park and then re-embark on the craft lifted back into the air. O’Barski said he returned to the site hours later and was amazed to find holes exactly where the creatures had been. New Jersey is no stranger to UFO sightings and almost exactly, to the day, 6 years prior to Mr. O’barski’s encounter it would seem UFOs had visited in search of something else besides earth just over 20 miles to the northwest over the Wanaque, New Jersey Reservoir. This case file, join the Theorists as they garble some Garden State accents in…The Wanaque UFO Incident.

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