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To this day, the Roswell UFO incident remains one of the most intriguing cases of an alleged UFO crash and subsequent recovery. The U.S. Military’s explanation and documents that support the claim of a secret military project to monitor atmospheric radiation from nuclear testing are seen, by many in the world of Ufology, as an attempt to continue the 70-year cover-up of what was really recovered on that New Mexico ranch in July of 1947. The common consensus within the UFO world is that some type of alien craft was recovered. What condition it was in and exactly what else was transported to the military base located in Ft. Worth, Texas is still a matter of some dispute. One account, from a firefighter who claimed to have responded to the call of smoking debris, mentioned that not only had he seen military personnel recovering objects from the supposed crash site but also he had witnessed at least 3 unmoving bodies and one still upright and walking around the crash site. In 1995 a 17-minute long film was presented as proof of at least one of those bodies being examined and dissected by military pathologists. While the world at large remained skeptical, this single piece of film has remained controversial and as recently as 2019 continued to maintain its relevance as a piece of modern UFO history. This case file, join the Theorists as they drink up and cut up on the…Alien Autopsy.

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