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In 1692 the Puritan colonies of North America had fallen on dark times. The colonists had suffered through two devastating wars with Native American and French neighbors which had left much of the Maine frontier a scorched ruin and produced a refugee crisis. The colonies had their charter revoked and a military governor installed. These circumstances had a visible impact on the towns which inhabited the Massachusetts coast. Towns that had seen growing prosperity and had begun to move away from their austere and devout origins. Numerous religious leaders began to see these unfortunate events as an encroaching darkness which signaled God’s displeasure at the colonists’ departures from tradition and purity. There was a call for religious and moral reformation, supporters began to search for any way to prove their devotion and regain the favor of their deity. For hundreds of years, there was one well-known way to thin the ranks of the Devil, to identify those who consorted with the Lord of Lies and cast them out. To regain the grace of God it was necessary to find those who were labeled witches and carry out God’s justice. This case file, join the Theorists as they take a peek at the Devil’s little black book in…The Salem Witch Trials.

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