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In 1973 an Australian government cartographer was reported to have seen a bizarre phenomenon deep in the heart of the continent nation. According to the cartographer’s account, they witnessed a large unknown object hovering directly above, what had been known as, the Joint Defence Space Research Facility. The object appeared to have been dull gray in color and was observed to be parked at an estimated 1000 ft above the facility. For nearly 40 minutes the object seemed to project different colored shafts of light down into the base until finally making a number of rapid oscillations and launching vertically and disappearing into the sky. Located just 18 kilometers south-west of the city of Alice Springs, the top secret U.S. military base that was the alleged ground zero for this UFO report, is reported to facilitate clandestine government operations throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. This case file, join the Theorists as they go on a walkabout through the Australian bush to the secret base known to the public as…Pine Gap.

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