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In November of 1904, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia met the acquaintance of a wandering monk from Siberia and, almost immediately, was captivated by the man’s charisma. The Tsar and his wife were fascinated by the way this rural backcountry man of God addressed all people, even those of royal standing, with a seemingly crude yet familiar manner. The royal couple would go on to invite this man of remarkable spiritual fervor to join their court. From humble beginnings, this monk would go on to become, arguably, the most powerful man in Russia. He was often described as the dark power behind the Russian royalty. A sinister puppet master who had ensnared the royal family with hypnotism and sorcery drawing them deep into a world of sin and depravity. What is the truth behind the miraculous powers attributed to the man they called “the Mad Monk”? Was he a man who could not be killed by normal means? Did one of his prophecies actually foretell the end to the Romanov family who had ruled Russia for 300 years? Join the theorists as they explore the legend of Russia’s greatest love machine AKA….Grigori Rasputin

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