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The historical region of Greece is often held as the center of Western culture and philosophy. During its golden age, The Grecians created monuments, sciences, art, and literature that have become the foundation of some of the world’s most powerful civilizations. Many of these advances were attributed to divine inspiration. Knowledge brought to mortals by the gods themselves. Greek myth and legend portrayed these powerful beings as directly interacting and influencing the events of mortal men in their daily lives. Epics were written describing the mighty powers and fierce weapons these beings wielded. Gods who could move through the air silently or in glowing radiance. Striking the ground with fire and lightning at will. Could these descriptions better fit what we would recognize today as a UFO encounter? Could these “gods” have revisited a Greek village in September of 1990 in full view of multiple witnesses? Could the ancient writings of Plato and Homer not have been metaphors but actual accounts of extraterrestrial contact? Join the Theorists as they climb the slopes of Mount Olypmus and go the distance in…The Megas Plantanos UFO Encounter.

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