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Southern Florida is home to the largest subtropical wilderness in the USA. 7,800 square miles of near impenetrable swamps and dark forests. From saw grass marshes to mangrove and coastal prairies the Everglades host an extraordinary amount of biodiversity. The area has been occupied by humans for over almost 15,000 years and whose cultures have described something else walking upright through the forests and grasses. Published reports of a bipedal ape-like creature in the Florida swamps date back as early 1947. In 1977 a Florida State representative attempted to pass a law protecting anthropoid and humanoid animals from harm. Sometimes described as Bigfoot’s Southern cousin, these creatures are said to stand 7-8 ft tall with ape-like features and seem well adapted to traversing the tangled swamps of Southern Florida accompanied by a potent scent marking their presence. This case file join the Theorists as they blaze a trail through the Florida backwoods in search of…The Skunk Ape 
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