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On November 16th, 2018 Keep It Weird released their very first Special Edition True Crime Investigation wherein your host Ashley and very special guest Stephen Garland studied the unsolved murder of John William Shakespeare in 1975 in there hometown of Centralia, Illinois.

Since then we have received hundreds of documents, witness testimonies, investigation reports, autopsy reports, crime scene photos, suspect interviews, and so, so much more and we decided we had to record an update.  

This week we’ll be bringing you a lot of new evidence, updates on how our opinions have changed in the last year, and several NEW suspects and motives for the crime.

There have been no arrests in this case and all evidence presented is circumstantial.  The opinions and theories expressed in this episode are speculative and theoretical and were derived from ongoing reports and firsthand accounts that were collected.  

Special thanks to Richard Sprehe, the BBC, Fremantle Media & Thames TV, University of Southern California and their ONE archives, the Beverly Hills Public Library, the Mattachine Society out of Washington DC, Esty Garland, Pam Casseday, Ron Casseday, Joe Ochs, Mackenzie Prather, and several other past and present Centralians who have provided us information that have asked to remain anonymous.