Canadian Monsters and Mysteries with WT Watson: Part 2 – Feb 18, 2023

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Seriah is again joined by author and paranormal researcher Travis Watson for the second half of their discussion. Topics include sea monsters, tulpas, sea serpents in mythology, thought forms materialized by psychic energy, Alexandra David-Neel, Walter B. Gibson, a plantation ghost apparently created by belief, a psychic trauma miasma, water monsters and cold still water, relic dinosaurs, the Philip experiment, dreams, magickal practice, John Michael Greer, merfolk, an encounter between a French explorer and a mermaid, storms, John Warms, the strange ethnicity of mermaids, the folly of manatees being confused with merfolk, bizarre completely white humanoid entities, an encounter with a “fear zone”, legend tripping, Lon Strickler, a witness terrified by a tall emaciated white humanoid, the Wendigo, paranormal encounters as psychic experiences, ghost trains, Frank Edwards, phantom carriages arriving for the dead, Joshua Cutchin and the wild hunt, repeated apparitions of trains, the month of December and the dead, Linda Godfrey, Scottish Fae lore brought to Canada, broadcaster Christian Page’s bizarre abduction by unknown entities, the paranormal as a theatric presentation, initiation and fear, the Fae placing trees in people’s way, Joshua Cutchin and Fae on the march, youths encounter with fog and a strange man and missing time, people mysteriously transported to other continents, the “King Hall’s AM” podcast, J. Allen Hyneck, a detailed report of a bizarre sphere by an astronomer, intelligent plasma, Timothy Renner, strange lights and Sasquatch, anomalous lights and numerous phenomena, angels, Janet and Colin Bord, several children encounter weird humanoids mooing like cows, Susan Michaels, a UFO appearing over a hotel in downtown Montreal with numerous witnesses, unexplained slime falls on a school for three days in a row, skyfalls including a rain of frogs, black dog encounters, and much more! Travis provides a plethora of fascinating stories and the discussion is riveting!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Andra Dare with Lillith