Canada’s UFOs Declassified with Chris Rutkowski

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On episode 269 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we welcome author and UFO researcher, Chris Rutkowski. Recently, the former Canadian Defence Minister, Harjit Sajjan, received a briefing on UFOs, ahead of the 2021 UAP Task Force Report in the Unites States. Rutkowski was personally selected to contribute greatly to that briefing, being the preeminent UFO researcher in all of Canada. Throughout the years, Rutkowski has led efforts to document more than 23,000 UFO sightings since through the annualCanadian UFO Survey. His latest work found him authoring the book, Canada’s UFO Files: Declassified, in which he brings forward hundreds of documents pertaining to UFO sightings and encounters investigated by the RCMP, Transport Canada, and various Canadian governmental bodies. He shares some of the most intriguing of these documents and cases also shares his thoughts on where we may be heading with the UFO conversation not only in North America, but across the entire world.

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