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Rollin’ down the street smokin’ indo, sippin on bug juice.  LAID BACK! With my mind on those clowns and those clowns on my mind.

  Right?  Anyway, hello and welcome to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD!! The podcast for all things strange and unusual.  We are the luckiest gals alive because each week we get to sit down and gab about something WEIRD!    We hope you’re not turned off by the Trigger Warning at the beginning– it seems like this episode is going to be VERY heavy but it’s surprisingly tame… except for all the death.   This week Laura starts us off with one of our favorite new segments WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KEEP IT WEIRD!!  Just like our hero Carmen Sandiego, we go ALL over this planet (in our hearts) in search of the world’s weirdest places and boy we found a doozy.  I’m surprised it took us seven years to talk about this place but HERE WE ARE.  The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada!   Located directly across the street from a very spooky cemetery, this place has more clowns than one man or woman could possibly handle.  Maybe that’s why there’s so much paranormal activity??  Orrrrr maybe they’re trying to sell you a ticket.  We will never find out, because we will not go.   Ashley cuts in because she HAD A THOUGHT! Could it be that criminal profiler and FBI Agent John Douglas wasn’t just ahead of his time and good at his job?  Could he have been… psychic?  It’s just a thought OKAY!?   And Lauren brings us home (or to hell?) with one of our newest segments, a SPONSORED segment called CURSED CROONERS AND SPOOKY SONGS (Sponsored by Melanie Vartabedian) as she shares with us possibly the most cursed song of all– “Gloomy Sunday” by Rezso Seress.  Did this song CAUSE suicides?  Or was it the widespread famine and war in Hungary that pushed them over the edge?  Is this song just too damn sad?     Check out some links below if you want to do some FURTHER reading into all of this madness.  Please follow us on social media @keepitweirdcast and LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel if you love us long time.   Also consider becoming a patron of the show by visiting www.patreon.com/keepitweirdpodcast– you’ll get a TON of BONUS EPISODES, discounts on merch, and a newsletter every single month.  Not a bad deal for the price of a coffee at Starbucks, amirite?   Clownin’ Around https://www.tonopahnevada.com/clown-motel/ https://www.uniqhotels.com/clown-motel   Psychic or Profiler https://www.themidwestcrimefiles.com/post/murder-in-wood-river-the-karla-brown-story#:~:text=He%20went%20to%20the%20basement,socks%20tied%20around%20her%20neck. https://allthatsinteresting.com/john-douglas https://crimereads.com/john-douglas-on-his-lifes-work-talking-with-killers/   Gloomy Sunday  https://www.savagecontent.com/post/the-spooky-history-behind-cursed-songs https://www.treblezine.com/gloomy-sunday-hungarian-suicide-song/