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It’s a quiet night in the woods by the cabin, and the stars are out. That means it’s time for a tale of UFOs – but this one is darker than usual. Released the same year as Whitley Strieber’s influential book Communion, and spawning a TV movie/miniseries that was broadcast just a year before the debut of the X-Files, Intruders (1987) remains a key artefact in the history of the development of UFO lore. In particular, it massively popularised the idea of UFO abductions.

In this episode, Cian focuses on the 1992 TV miniseries (recommended, by the way) to learn how the various elements of abduction lore were coming together at this time. Missing time, blinking lights, little grey men, and inter-generational hybrid breeding programmes – it’s all here in BUDD HOPKINS’ INTRUDERS: HOW ALIEN ABDUCTIONS GOT SO POPULAR.


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Intruders by Budd Hopkins (1987)

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