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Black Mass Paranormal looks to prove the existence of the unknown. Brian goes to the most haunted places in America in search to answer the question of what happens when we die. He explores abandoned locations and looks to prove the existence of cryptids. By using his military experience and training, Brian travels into the deepest parts of Appalachia to prove the existence of cryptids. He uses thermal cameras, night vision cameras, trail cameras, and full spectrum cameras in order to capture images that often are missed by the human eye. Brian wants to use his channel (Black Mass Paranormal) to educate and preserve the history of these locations for many generations to come. His journey started as a result of living in a house that was filled with paranormal activity. He was so overwhelmed by what He saw and what he experienced, that he began searching for a way to prove what happened to him. He believes that we only understand a small part of our existence on this rock we call home. Brian’s research allows for a better understanding of what is genuinely in our universe