BONUS: Twin Peaks S2E13- Project Blue Book, Tarot Hierophant & Laura Palmer’s Light vs Dark Forces! TP23

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On today’s episode of the Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt podcast we head back to the Grey Lodge in this bonus Twin Peaks episode only for supporters! This episode we’re covering Twin Peaks S2E13 “Checkmate!” We’re diving deep into the UFO side of Twin Peaks! We’ll hear a couple of major revelations- from Project Blue Book to occult Tarot Hierophant connections to the big one: Laura Palmer kick starting a major battle between good and evil! Learn more about General Nathan Twining, Project Blue Book, J Allen Hyneck, Rosicrucian contact with angelic beings and more! Major Briggs was on a journey of revelation to the White Lodge and we’re going along for a ride!


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