BONUS: Twin Peaks Pilot S1E0 Northwest Passage- Oz, Duality, Meaning of Nightingale, MJ12 & More! TP03

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On today’s episode of the Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt supporters-only bonus podcast we get back into the Grey Lodge series! We will focus on Twin Peaks’ Pilot episode “Northwest Passage!” First we’ll walk through the episode and explore some of the occult symbolism and hidden messages of Twin Peaks. The credits connect us to a Hermetic view of nature vs mankind and also symbolism of Wizard of Oz! From there we get into duality, ceiling fans, all seeing eyes and more! In the conclusion we’ll deep dive into the symbolism of Harry Truman which will reveal a shocking connection to Julee Cruse’s Nightingale song as well as a possible connection to the Twin Peaks ring symbol! We’ll talk Majestic 12, sex magick and much more!

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