BONUS EPISODE: YOUR Thoughts on the Pentagon UFO Report!

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Welcome to a special bonus episode of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES. Well… it’s here! The unclassified UFO report for the public released on June 25th… to VERY mixed reviews! The report, a mere nine pages in total, encompasses 144 observations – mostly from U.S. Navy personnel – of what the government officially calls “unidentified aerial phenomenon,” or UAP, dating back to 2004. Labeled a preliminary assessment, it was compiled by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in conjunction with a Navy-led task force created by the Pentagon last year. Was it what you expected? Was it a huge letdown? I sent out a call to YOU, the listeners, to give me your thoughts on the report and you did not disappoint. My special thanks to everyone who voiced their thoughts on the report and what comes next!

Here is the Official Pentagon UFO Report:

Here is the official press statement by Pentagon Press Secretary, John Kirby:



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Episode edited by Jane Palomera Moore

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